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The Future of Green: Innovations That Promote Economic Engagement

Fleet companies face challenges that go beyond what the average car owner sees. The automotive landscape changes completely when managing more than one vehicle. Those in charge of a fleet must balance fuel efficiency, environmental responsibility and capital expenditure for multiple cars. Economic innovations have stepped up to help fleets stay true to the current […]

October 12th

Federal Trade Commission cracks down on Greenwashing

SC Johnson, maker of Windex, might have tossed the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back in relation to greenwashing. SC Johnson was sued by consumer activists over their “Green List” label, which they placed on products that had no verifiable sustainability credentials. Trouble was, it looked like a 3rd party, independent label that *did* […]

October 4th

A Global Look at Sustainability and Innovation

Addressing climate change and a host of other global environmental problems will only be possible through innovation concludes Directions 10, the latest annual report from London-based communications agency Salterbaxter. The 60-page report includes an interview with the head of GS Sustain, a column on the challenge of low-carbon growth from Lord Nicholas Stern, a piece on […]

November 17th

The Arrival of the Federal Green Marketing Police

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday announced revisions to its “Green Guides,” opening a public discussion period on the new recommendations.  The revised guidelines are designed to tighten up the environmental claims consumer product firms are currently including on their products. More specifically, the FTC has proposed new clarity when marketers  make claims surrounding renewable/green […]

October 7th

Celestial Seasonings’ Green Isn’t Just for Tea: Who Knew?

Celestial Seasonings pillow-style tea bags are made with natural fiber and no strings attached. On Tuesday, I blogged about SunChips’ new fully compostable bag. But hey, it’s Frito Lay. They’ve got the bucks to be super green, right? Then I opened a box of one of my favorite brands of tea, Celestial Seasonings, and there […]

SunChips Turns Environmental Commitment into Brilliant Marketing

SunChips chooses transparency to market its new 100% compostable bag. Last year, I wrote about SunChips’ “compostable” chip bag that wasn’t really compostable at all. It was one-third compostable, which meant that its compostable layer was laminated to two-thirds non-compostable layers, rendering it — well — noncompostable. Now that’s changed. SunChips bags are now 100% […]

More Reasons to Take Your Media Choices Seriously

Many people think that if they use paper, they need to pay attention to carbon emissions, but if it’s e-media, not so much. Not true. Whether it’s print or electronic, all media has a carbon footprint. According to a report by Don Carli of the Institute for Sustainable Communications, as reported in Printing News: According […]

Marketing Green: Are You Walking the Walk?

Businesses marketing themselves as “green” are not using environmentally-responsible marketing materials. Earlier this month, a survey released in conjunction with Canadian Environment Week (May 31 to June 5), showed that more than half of businesses marketing themselves aren’t walking the walk — at least not in their marketing materials. The survey, conducted by traffic marketing […]

It’s All About the Paper — New Online Blog & Community

For marketers looking to improve the sustainability of their print marketing programs, there is almost nothing more important than the role of the paper. For this reason, Wausau Paper has launched a new online community, Digital Space, for designers, printers, and other experts in digital print technology and applications. The site includes both a collaborative, […]

January 21st

What’s Your Green Resolution for 2010?

It’s the time of year when people are making resolutions to lose weight, better manage their finances, better manage their anger, and myriad other things. Is increasing your commitment to environmental sustainability on that list? As I wrote in my very first post for The Inspired Economist in the fall of 2008, the neat thing […]

December 29th

The Paper Industry Fights Back

In today’s marketing world, the paper industry is seen as the big, bad guy — the energy hogging, landfill-clogging waste producer that needs to be replaced by cleaner, more efficient electronic media. But is this really the case? The paper industry claims that the opposite is true. It points out that electronic media are huge […]

August 28th