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The Greatest Invention: Planned Obsolescence – Part 1

His thinking, while simple in concept, was absolutely radical, especially during the hard times of the Great Depression. If at the beginning of a factory year, General Motors were to introduce new products that might be perceived as upgrades for car-driving consumers, and if these upgrades represented something consumers might feel were essential as they climbed the economic ladder – something they needed to buy – then Sloan and his design engineers would have bet on the winning racehorse.

September 20th

How is coal power so cheap? (Hint: it’s because you’re subsidizing it)

The idea that coal is cheaper than wind and solar is what keeps coal in the forefront of energy production in the U.S. But what if the idea itself is completely flawed? The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is actively promoting the benefits of coal power. If you see an ad on a website […]

September 4th