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Microfinance in America: Muhammad Yunus’ To Catch a Dollar

Using the power of microfinance to help people help themselves out of poverty is something usually only discussed in the context of the developing world, where the loan of a relatively small sum of money could make the difference between barely surviving and thriving. But there are plenty of other places on the planet where […]

December 26th

End the Witch Hunt for Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Microfinance

There’s no doubt that the news from Andhra Pradesh, India about indebtedness crippling microfinance clients is troubling. SKS, India’s largest microfinance bank, raised cash last year by selling shares at 95 times their initial value. And now comes an increased chorus from politicians in Andhra Pradesh about fraud, corruption and impoverishment linked to SKS — […]

January 6th

CSR Minute: Accion International Reports on Microfinance Summit in India; Italy Bans Water Bottles

The CSR Minute is 3BL Media’s daily video digest of the most relevant and timely CSR and Sustainability content all in about a minute. The 3BL Media team tracks the expanding world of corporate social responsibility to bring you coverage of the most important announcements, initiatives, issues, trends, ideas, and breaking news. Accion International has […]

September 30th

Has Banking Gone Nuts? A Look at Sustainability in the Financial Sector

Despite all the bad news we’ve received due to issues in the financial sector over the last two years, it turns out some banks are doing significant work greater than the occasional philanthropic project. Mark Stoiber of Fast Company has outlined some of these cutting edge banks and the interesting work they are doing in […]

September 21st