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Understanding The CBD Ecosystem Approach

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is an international convention for protecting the diversity of life on Earth. As opposed to treaties focusing on individual species or biomes, this international treaty encompasses biodiversity on a global scale. It focuses on establishing a global network of protected natural areas, for the purpose of protecting natural capital at […]

August 13th

Why Should Businesses Invest in Natural Capital?

The subject of natural capital, and natural capital accounting, is a divisive one. On one side, proponents of the practice believe that it’s an important piece of the sustainability puzzle, by enabling businesses to “gain insight into their environmental impacts, normalized to a common monetary unit.” On the other hand, detractors of natural capital accounting […]

November 26th

Does Natural Capital Accounting Put Nature on Sale?

At first glance, natural capital accounting appears to be a valid step for businesses in the movement toward a more sustainable future, as it’s said to help those businesses gain a better understanding of their environmental impacts, by normalizing them into a monetary unit, which can be measured and tracked. However, according to Food & […]

November 22nd

Online Natural Capital Management System Launched

When considering the impacts that companies have on the world, both the positives and the negatives, it’s not enough to look at just the balance sheets or other financial reports. Sure, it’s important to have a strong financial base for a company, but that only tells part of the story. Looking at the corporate social […]

October 29th

World Forum on Natural Capital Reframes Nature as Solution

How can we move away from business as usual, with all of the weight of its negative externalities and unintended consequences, and further toward a more sustainable world? One answer might lie in trying to focus more on natural capital, and less on financial capital, and an upcoming event could be an inspiring source for […]

October 24th