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Setting Achievable Green Goals at Your Company

          Thanks to our friends at Dilbert for this one. In our sometimes overzealous approach to greening our companies…a good reminder to set achievable green goals in your workplace (that don’t conflict with other goals, if possible).    

August 28th

Paper: Recycle It or Bury It?

This will probably get me drummed out of Greenpeace, but I’m increasingly of the opinion that the greenest thing to do with paper is to use lots of it, preferably printing on it first, and NOT recycle it. Instead bury it somewhere anaerobic, so it won’t decay for a long time. Then grow more trees […]

When Is Junk Mail Going to Disappear?

About 7 months ago, following grad school I relocated to the great (not state although some are trying) District of Columbia. Although 7 months is not a very long time, one would think it would be long enough for me to stop receiving previous tenant’s junk mail. In fact, it’s not just one previous tenant, […]

May 10th

Study: Banks, Telecoms, Utilities Risk Greenwashing Sanctions for Promoting e-Billing

Greenwashing sanctions for promoting e-billing? New research is making the case that major U.K. corporates are flouting advertising regulations and risk reporting to the Advertising Standards Authority for promoting electronic billing as good for the environment. Two Sides, a European initiative to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, is targeting companies […]

February 13th

More Reasons to Take Your Media Choices Seriously

Many people think that if they use paper, they need to pay attention to carbon emissions, but if it’s e-media, not so much. Not true. Whether it’s print or electronic, all media has a carbon footprint. According to a report by Don Carli of the Institute for Sustainable Communications, as reported in Printing News: According […]