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Looking for an Excuse to Visit Berlin?

Looking for an excuse to visit Berlin? Try EcoPrint, the world’s first exhibition 100% focused on sustainable print production. EcoPrint Europe LIVE 2012 will held in September 26–27 and will focus on print production for retail, interiors, point of purchase, and packaging. While we might think of “sustainable print” as focusing on things like low-VOCs consumables, […]

October 15th

Do Plastic Envelopes Undermine a Green Mailing?

Recently, I was privileged to participate on a judging panel in an international printing contest. One of the categories was environmental printing. In that category, an entrant had submitted a very interesting postcard made of 100% recycled paper and containing seeds in the paper fiber, enabling the postcard to be planted. The message was environmental, […]

It’s All About the Paper — New Online Blog & Community

For marketers looking to improve the sustainability of their print marketing programs, there is almost nothing more important than the role of the paper. For this reason, Wausau Paper has launched a new online community, Digital Space, for designers, printers, and other experts in digital print technology and applications. The site includes both a collaborative, […]

January 21st

People? Planet? Or Profits?

I’ve written a lot in these posts about print vs. electronic media and the sustainability issues faced by both (yes, both! electronic media aren’t as green as people think). Now you can investigate more deeply for yourself. On November 17, Target Marketing and Printing Impressions will offer a webinar titled “Paper or Electronic? The Impact […]

November 3rd

Print vs. Electronic Media: Has Anyone Asked Customers What THEY Prefer?

Many marketers are pushing their customers toward electronic statements, e-newsletters, bills, and transactional statements as a “green” move, but in reality, it has more to do with economics. It’s cheaper for businesses to send electronic communications than print. But while pushing e-communications as greener, has anyone bothered to ask what customers how they feel about […]

September 20th

Can You Cook a Turkey in Your Copier?

Did you know that copiers consume the most energy of all types of office equipment? That they consume power even when they are sitting idle? Simply by switching to a more energy-efficient type of printer, you can take a chunk out of your carbon emissions. In addition to their cost efficiency, this is one reason […]

September 16th

The New Green Media: Print

I know I’ve been a bit like a dog on a bone about the fact that print is not necessarily the enemy, but I think it’s important. Marketers are being hit like a locomotive with the idea that e-mail and other electronic media are green because they don’t use paper, but there is a lot […]

September 6th

A New Way For Scrapbookers to Save Time, Money and Trees

In a recent national press release encouraged those gearing up for holiday parties to consider their affordable alternative to buying mass produced party favors. The company claims to offer all the party materials you need in a convenient downloadable file format or CD that customers can print from as they need.

December 18th

Greening Print Marketing: How Much Is Brightness Worth?

Earlier this week, I talked about printing with recycled paper and how the decision on which stock to select goes beyond merely “recycled” to include other factors, including the percentage of postconsumer waste content and whether or not the paper is elemental chlorine-free. Printing with recycled paper ought to be a no-brainer. Not only do […]

September 12th