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Election Countdown: Socialism Vs. Capitalism

As retail sales decline, manufacturing slows and unemployment benefit claims rise, the economic situation looks more and more grim by the day. Rises in the stock market that show a glimmer of hope are invariably followed by dips. The housing markets declines steadily and the recession promises to linger well into next year. George Bush has called for a mid November summit to discuss the international economic situation.

October 22nd

Election Countdown: Obama or McCain For A Green Economy?

With fourteen days left until the U.S. presidential election, the heat is on. As much as all eyes are on the candidates, everybody’s pulse is on the economy. People all over America are wondering who will better serve the U.S. Economy and bring it to where it needs to be. What are the candidates saying?

John McCain says that Barack Obama’s tax policy is not conducive to building a strong economy. Obama says he wants to spread the wealth around. Joe Biden calls it “patriotic” for the wealthy to pay taxes, Joe The Plumber calls that socialism.

October 21st