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Conducting Veteran and Ancient Tree Surveys

Both on private and public land, tree surveys are conducted to provide the information necessary to maximise benefits received from trees while minimising any damage they might inflict. Recording individual veteran trees and ancient trees and determining their effect on the surrounding habitat enables informed decisions to be made regarding their future. Inventorying trees by […]

Energy Production – Economically Speaking

Pairing the words “economy” and “energy” in the same sentence seems straightforward enough. Yet these two words–combined with the word “sustainable”–open up a world of controversy as well as immense opportunity. The controversy comes from differing opinions of how best to tap the Earth’s resources to meet humanity’s power needs. The opportunity is the number […]

August 30th

Tax Credits for Green Printing?

If Print Buyers Online (PBO) has its way, you’ll soon get a tax break for making sustainable choices in your printing. This week, PBO is introducing legislation that would amend the Internal Revenue Code “to allow print buyers a credit against income tax for the completion of sustainable print projects.” To be declared “qualified sustainable […]

The New Green Media: Print

I know I’ve been a bit like a dog on a bone about the fact that print is not necessarily the enemy, but I think it’s important. Marketers are being hit like a locomotive with the idea that e-mail and other electronic media are green because they don’t use paper, but there is a lot […]

September 6th

Psychographics Help Take Marketing Green

I was just reading about a report on the psychographics of Hispanic teens, one of the fastest growing demographic segments—projected to reach 62% of the entire teen market in 10 years. Among other things, they are described as extroverted, outspoken, wired, and defined by culture. The top three media consumed by Hispanic youth are 1) […]

Sustainability as a Marketing Issue

More and more frequently, I’m seeing companies choose sustainability, not just as operational preference, but also as a marketing approach. They are marketing “green” or sustainability (because “green” and “sustainability” are different) as a way to connect with consumers and sell products. Thus, when I was contacted by Don Carli, senior research fellow with the […]

Greening Print Marketing: Is There a Double Standard When It Comes to Paying for Green?

Most of us have heard the popularly cited statistics that given the choice between two similar products, 83% of consumers will chose those that are “environmentally friendly” and will pay more for them. According to the DoubleClick study, not only are consumers interested in green products and companies, but nearly half are willing to pay […]

December 5th

Greening Print Marketing: The Age of the Press Matters

When you think about “greening” your print marketing, do you think about the age of your printer’s press? If the printer is running “big iron,” or a traditional offset printing press, then the age of the press can have a significant impact on the environmental sustainability of your print. Why? Because newer presses are designed […]

November 6th