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Sustainable Behavior Change: Effective Programs

It’s fairly well established that, in terms of sustainability, attitudes far surpass actions. According to Gallup polls, at least 2/3 of respondents have consistently responded to questions about their concern for the environment by saying that they would describe themselves as fairly green. This trend has been consistent for decades. But action is not always […]

May 14th

Trade Show Green Marketing

Trade shows are a terrific venue for marketing your company’s goods and services. The Green Festival, a long-running marketplace for socially responsible businesses and their products, is held several times per year, and has attendance well into the tens of thousands. Our company exhibited our sustainability game at the Green Festival in New York, Chicago, […]

April 10th

Lyfe Kitchens cuts into Lean Cuisine’s market share with wholesome quick meals

LYFE Kitchens founder Steve Sidwell knew nothing about the grocery retail market, but he knew what demand was. Sidwell, who said he’d struggled with finding healthy, quick meals for years and battled weight issues as a result, was looking for a good tasting, healthy, quick meal plan that he could stock up in his fridge. […]

March 2nd

Getting Green Business Done…with Eco-friendly business cards

When it comes to customer loyalty, there are few better opportunities to make a good first impression than with the business card. Businesses working in the field of sustainability are often, for better or worse, held to a higher standard in their business dealings than more conventional businesses. After all, if green consumers are to […]

October 9th

Which companies are doing the most solar? Costco? REI? Google? Mars?!?

Companies are looking to renewable energy in growing numbers, both for cost-savings in the long term, but also for public relations benefits. Whatever the motivation, these companies are moving markets by creating demand for renewables in their many forms. The list below is a top 20 of companies that have gone solar. The list contains […]

October 2nd

Women in Focus Week, Day 2! Meet the Top Women Sustainable CEOs: Eileen Fisher

This week, the Important Media Network has committed to highlighting some of the women that are making the world a better place. At Inspired Economist, we thought we’d take part by profiling a great sustainable woman CEO every day this week. See yesterday’s post on Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium Brewing, then check in each day […]

September 4th

Mushroom Packaging: Don’t Throw It Out! Compost It!

When you’ve finished with EcoCradle packaging, you don’t throw it out. You compost it. That’s because it  is made from filamentous fungi (mushroom roots), which can be bonded into any shape. According to Ecovative Design, which grows the packaging (yes, I meant to say “grows”), EcoCradle provides the same cushioning, strength and protection as petrochemical […]

August 27th

P&G to Use Sugarcane-Based Plastic Packaging for Beauty Brands

Earlier this month, Proctor & Gamble announced plans to use renewable, sustainable, sugarcane-based plastic for packaging on its Pantene Pro-V, Covergirl and Max Factor brands. I’m happy to see that P&G did its research and chose not to use corn-based plastic. Corn-based plastic has been all the rage lately and can be found in everything […]

August 26th

Yes, Virginia, There IS an Environmental Alternative to Foam Board

Want an environmental alternative for direct mail marketing? No sweat. Pick your green. 100% PCW. Environmental certifications. Paper that sprouts seeds when planted. Want an environmental alternative to foam core? Not such an easy proposition. That’s why it’s exciting to see real investments from major players in this space. One such investment was announced at […]