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Sustainable Development – What It Really Means

Sustainable development is a holistic approach to decision-making and considers not only the economics of an action but also the social and environmental effects. It can sometimes be misconstrued as just environmental sustainability but it seeks to balance these three pillars. To ensure present and future needs are met, sustainable development emphasises the consideration of […]

June 4th

UN Marks 69 Years with Lang Lang, Sting & Int’l Youth Orchestra

On Saturday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon marked the 69th anniversary of the United Nations, declaring that the Organization is needed now “more than ever.” The anniversary of the 1945 inauguration of the UN Charter is observed annually on 24 October. With the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its signatories, including the five […]

October 27th

Water as a Socially Responsible Investment Vehicle

A fundamental necessity for ALL life forms on earth is clean, potable water. Yet sustainable sources of fresh water are in limited supply, particularly in poorer areas of the world. Water is the ONLY resource that is not replaceable with another – oil can be made obsolete through the use of new, renewable energy sources, food sources can be substituted one for another, but pure water has no equal.

November 29th