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Water Sustainability: How Do We Price Water?

Solving our water woes in the face of extreme drought, an aging infrastructure, increasingly pressured water supplies, and a growing population, will require more than just asking people to cut back on their water consumption or to install water-efficient appliances. It might also require big changes in who pays for it, in the way we […]

October 9th

Water Investing: There’s an App for That

For the responsible investor who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of water issues and the market trends shaping water sustainability, a new app could provide the leverage that makes all the difference. The Water Investing app, from Calvert Investments, aims to give investors and stakeholders a leg up on understanding the issues […]

November 20th

Water Grid Monitoring Tech Named Best Sustainability Innovation

Are we having a true water crisis, and need to discover and deliver water from new sources, or are we having a water management crisis that can be addressed through better management and monitoring of our water infrastructure? According to TaKaDu, a software-as-a-service company based in Israel, it’s the latter, and by managing our water […]

November 19th

It’s a School, It’s a Soccer Field, It’s a Water Harvesting Community Center

What do you get when you combine sports, community, education, and resource reclamation? If you’re PITCHAfrica, you get a combination soccer (football) field, school, and community center that also functions as a water harvesting and storage facility, otherwise known as a Waterbank school building. “Our design includes four classrooms with protected gardens for food cultivation, […]

October 31st

Can You Live on 4 Liters of Water a Day?

Those of us in the first world don’t tend to think twice about our water usage, and unless we’re on a backpacking trip or in a dry camp, or adhering to some other self-imposed rationing, we’re probably likely to use quite a bit of water everyday. In fact, in the US, the average rate of […]

October 22nd

Companies we love: Niagara Conservation leads the way in water and energy efficiency for homes

Often, it seems the news is full of companies doing bad things. Other times, it seems that their CSR efforts are largely just greenwashing (the act of advertising themselves as doing something good, when in reality, the big picture is still really pretty bad). But there are companies we love out there, and this series […]

September 9th

Tainted Water Still a Concern in Pennsylvania Gas Drilling in 2011

I have written before about the Marcellus Shale Debate and water issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing.  But a recent report from David B. Caruso of the Associated Press drawing attention to the weak regulation in Pennsylvania surrounding wastewater disposal produced by natural gas drilling really opened my eyes to some of the dangers facing Pennsylvania’s waterways.  Caruso […]

January 7th

Water Constraints among Investor Risks from Unproven Fuel Extraction Technologies

A recent report from Ceres details the risks to investors of the unproven extraction technologies of oil shale and coal-to-liquid fuels, according to the press release.  The report, entitled Investor Risks from Development of Oil Shale and Coal-to-Liquids, details a number of risks with both of these technologies that are not new, but are considered “still in the […]

December 17th