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A Safari into a Green Roof Jungle

Green RoofToss this under the headline of innovating and challenging. Green Roof Safaris is a fairly new European company that provides access to North Americans (and Europeans presumably) to tour state of the art green roofs in Germany and Switzerland.

The founders Christine Thüring and Jörg Breuning are green roof professionals who have collaborated in the past on green roof tours in conjunction with the World Green Roof Congress.

Green roofs are touted by proponents as having benefits for both the homeowner and the municipality. Depending on their composition, green roofs have been demonstrated to retain up to 75% of rainwater, releasing the water slowly rather than allowing heavy rainwater situations to overload municipal wastewater and sewer systems.

Among other benefits, for homeowners and landlords, is increasing the roof’s insulation value. A field experiment by Canadian researchers, found that a 6 inch extensive green roof reduced heat gains by 95% and heat losses by 26% compared to a reference roof.

For more information on Green Roof Safari, take a look at their website, or contact them at

Photo Credit: Thingermejig via Flickr’s Media Commons

Written by Amiel Blajchman

Amiel is the founder of the Globalis Group, an organization whose motto is "combining action and thought for a sustainable world." His experience includes working with the Canadian government on greenspace projects, sustainable development programs and on policy documents on issues as diverse as climate change, sustainable development, and the environmental and social impacts of transportation. He is listed on the UN’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory’s list of GHG experts, and has sat on the Canadian Environmental Certifications Board’s Greenhouse Gas Verification and Validation Certification committee.


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