Software Technology Provides Chain of Custody Control for Supply Chains in the Food and Timber Sectors

Fair Trade ChocolateHelveta aims to change the way supply chains are managed. With their software platform CI World™, Helveta is providing a solution to extended supply chain industry sectors (their initial two targets are the food and timber sectors) to enable an auditable chain of custody.

What does this mean? Specifically, it allows lumber and wood companies, fair-trade producers, and even local companies reliant on these industries for business such as diamond blade suppliers in WA to validate claims that their supplies are sustainably harvested, that their supply chain is held to rigorous standards, as well as providing risk assurance on extended supply chain purchases, and even royalty collections.

The program works as follows:

Business information is captured in the forest, factory floor, in the farm, field, or elsewhere in the field using handheld devices. These handheld devices have proprietary software, which combines handheld data entry with data from GPS, RFID and bar code readers to create records of how assets are being managed and processed.

Data is then transmitted to servers, which are then able to create user-generated reports and analysis to generate inventory maps, management reporting and audit history for any and all transactions relating to managed assets. The CI World™ platform has been used to demonstrate product origins from locales as diverse as Nigeria and Bolivia.

Photo Credit: Fair Trade Chocolate by jetalone via Flickr’s Media Commons

Written by Amiel Blajchman

Amiel is the founder of the Globalis Group, an organization whose motto is "combining action and thought for a sustainable world." His experience includes working with the Canadian government on greenspace projects, sustainable development programs and on policy documents on issues as diverse as climate change, sustainable development, and the environmental and social impacts of transportation. He is listed on the UN’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory’s list of GHG experts, and has sat on the Canadian Environmental Certifications Board’s Greenhouse Gas Verification and Validation Certification committee.


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