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Jeff Korhan, Green Industry Speaker, Relates Today’s Green Trend to the PC Revolution of the 80s

Video blogger Jeff Korhan, in his “Black Friday” video blog, had an interesting perspective on the new green trends. It is hard to remember when PCs were “new and different”, but Jeff reminds us of when people didn’t quite trust them yet, and still used a typewriter when it absolutely had to be done right.

Likewise, the masses see the greening of America, but don’t yet trust that this is a trend here to stay. According to Korhan, there are two things that can happen that could give our current green trend a huge push forward. One is a serious event, such as a severe water shortage or other environmental disaster. The other is for all of us dedicated to the preservation of the earth to join together and form a grassroots effort to educate others.


Yes, there IS hope for your SUV driving, energy wasting neighbor!

Written by Brenda Keener


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  1. Brenda – Excellent summary. Many people care now — and more will join in if they have good information and a clear understanding on what to do next in their own communities. This is exactly why sites like The Inspired Economist are so vital.

    Those of us that witnessed the initial use of computers can all say we had moments when we wanted to take a sledgehammer to them out of frustration! — maybe that’s where some people are at with the green trend. That’s not so bad.

    We just have to bend that energy of frustration into trust.

    Jeff Korhan

  2. Thanks Jeff! I agree – and I also believe that as the green trend starts to add green to people’s pocketbooks through cost savings, this will also drive the trend in the right direction. Stay tuned here for some of my articles on this very subject.

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