Socially Conscious Bottled Water

Just yesterday, I was browsing the bottled water section at Whole Foods when I came across a new brand with a really cool looking logo and labels that read “Joy”, “Peace”, “Health”, and “Prosperity” featuring instructions to visualize this intent while drinking the contents.  Intrigued, I bought some and brought it home.   It tasted fresher and cleaner than other waters – and hopefully my chosen intent (Prosperity, of course), will manifest.  

Now, my curiousity was piqued even more so I chose to visit the company website.  H2OM has a very interesting story to tell.  The water itself comes from a natural spring water source in San Diego, from the 420,000 acre Cleveland National Forest.  Bedrock mortars and metates indicate that Native Americans have enjoyed this spring for over 14,000 years – and it is filtered to a depth of 300 feet before rising to the surface through the hardened granite. 

The company then treats it with UV light, submicron filters it, and cleanses it with Ozone which is MUCH more efficient than chlorine at removing bacteria.  The water is then treated with audio frequencies, sounds, music,color and light according to its intended purpose.  

Scientific studies have shown that water is impressionable, and can hold intent or thought frequencies.  As our bodies are 90% water, it makes sense to me that drinking this kind of water could have a positive impact. 

Also from the company website:

“A portion of our proceeds will benefit the International Water for Life Foundation, the Love Planet Foundation, an environmental education organization dedicated to the protection of the planet for future generations.”

Awesome!   And it was reasonably priced to boot.  

Written by Brenda Keener


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