Vote for Green Person of the Year!

Vote for Green Person of the YearBetween now and December 26th 2008, you have one last chance to vote this year, Vote for Green Person of the Year!

Which Green Person had the biggest impact on you, the nation, the world, and especially the environment in 2008?  Is it going to be Al Gore, Van Jones, or Joan Pick?

To vote for Green Person of the Year, simply leave a comment, and tell us who and why this person should be the “Green Person of the Year for 2008“.  Remember, this isn’t Chicago, so please only vote once.  On December 26th we will count all the votes, and on December 27th the person with the  most votes, will be named “Green Person of the Year 2008“.

Image Credit: Bobcat Rock via Collective Commons License

Written by Ramsay Mameesh

When Ramsay Mameesh is not writing for The Inspired Economist, he is trying to save the world, by getting people to retire. Ramsay Mameesh holds B.S., appropriately named, degrees in Business, Marketing and Economics. He has over ten years of corporate bank marketing experience, as well as start-up, and small business experience. Ramsay Mameesh lives in San Francisco, CA., with his wife and fish. Neither one is called Wanda. I knew you'd ask.


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