Saint Obama: The Green Messiah of Climate Change

‘Saint Obama’. A painting by San Francisco based artist, Feroza Unvala

Environmentalists, politicians and eco-minded individuals everywhere have begun to view President Obama as a new Green Messiah. In just a few weeks the President has elevated the fight against global warming to higher levels of seriousness. And now the rest of the world is joining his cause.

Steven Biel, the Global Warming Campaign Director responded to the release of the President’s budget as follows:

“By including revenue from a cap-and-auction legislation in his budget, President Obama has sent a bold, make-no-mistake sign that he intends to fulfill his campaign pledge to enact comprehensive global warming legislation. The good news is that we can achieve these goals while growing the economy, creating jobs and completely phasing out coal and other dirty energy sources. In fact, solving the economic crisis and solving global warming go hand-in-hand.

Recession or no recession, thanks to his backing, climate change has become a top issue not just for the U.S. but for entire the world and it is integrally tied to bringing the global economy out of recession.

The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 was a narrow accord among several nations about the emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gasses linked to global warming. The United States will spearhead a the negotiation of a new treaty to be signed in Copenhagen in December, to address how emission reductions can be achieved in a way that takes account of their effects on energy supplies and economies — especially at a time of global recession. (NY TImes)

“This is not just about emissions but about creating a massive investment in a new global energy economy” that includes forests, oceans and the transfer of technology, said Angela Anderson, director of the Pew Environment Group’s Global Warming Campaign.

Economies around the world are rallying to get involved with the US’s green agenda

The good news is that as the US takes a leadership role, everybody else wants to get involved.

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of England has said that he will forge a new global partnership with President Obama that will boost economies and impact green policies stretching “from the villages of Africa to  the financial institutions of London and New York”. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made climate a central focus of her recent visit to China and proposed a partnership between the United States and China. Teams from Britain and Denmark have already visited the White House to discuss climate issues.The United Nations is already preparing for the December meetings. (New York Times)

What about China and India?

But what about about developing countries like China and India which have emerged as the biggest carbon dioxide emitters in the past few years? Neither did they ratify the Kyoto Protocol nor were they subject to mandatory levels of reductions. The truth is that climate change is a global issue that affects the planet as a whole.  So, for the new treaty to be effective, every nation including China and India will have to accept emissions limits.

“If one part of the world acts and the other does not, that doesn’t really generate a climate benefit,”

said Mr. the United Nation’s top climate official, Yvo de Boer, who is responsible for organizing the December meetings.

What are your thoughts on the new Copenhagen treaty and the way in which the new administration is tackling the issue of climate change? Do you you view President Obama as a new Green Messiah?  Write in and let us know.

Image credit: Feroza Unvala

Written by Reenita Malhotra

Reenita Malhotra Hora is an Ayurveda clinician, entrepreneur, writer and mom. Her experience has ranged from running Ayoma, an Ayurveda business to running a natural health practice at San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center.

Reenita is a published author of two books books about health and wellness: ‘Ayurveda - the Natural Medicine of India’ and
‘Inner Beauty’. She is also the Editor for Green Options Media's business blogs and a freelance writer for a variety of print and web publications.

In quieter moments, she likes to spend her time hiking, swimming the warm seas, cooking with the family or writing fantasy fiction adventure stories for kids from from 2 to 92.

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  1. We really need to get on about the business of becoming energy independent. This past year and the record gas prices played a huge part in our economic meltdown and seriously damaged our economy and society.We keep planning to spend BILLIONS on bailouts and stimulus plans.Bail us out of our dependence on foreign oil. Make electric plug in car technology more affordable. It cost the equivalent of 60 cents a gallon to drive an electric plug in car. The electric could be generated from wind or solar. If all gasoline cars, trucks, and SUV’s instead had plug-in electric drive trains, the amount of electricity needed to replace gasoline is about equal to the estimated wind energy potential of the state of North Dakota. Get with it! Utilize free sources such as wind and solar. Stop throwing away money on things that don’t work. Invest in America and it’s energy independence. Create cheap clean energy, create millions of badly needed green collar jobs. Put America back to work. It is a win-win situation. We have to become more proactive citizens, educate ourselves and demand our elected officials move this country forward into the era of energy independence. Jeff Wilson’s new book The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW outlines a plan for America to wean itself off oil. We need a plan and we need it now! http://www.themanhattanprojectof2009

  2. Why single out India and China. Every nation should take the responsibility. Nations like India and china have just come out and accelerated the industrial growth. Any treaty has to be amongst the equals. Developed nations can not dictate terms. Capping on emissions should be proportional to present size, past record and future growth compulsions.

  3. There is no such thing as Global warming. If you look up globalists you will find that they just use global Warming as an excuse to promote one world government like Obamas energy czar. Also scientists have found out that the Earth only fluctuates a few degrees over a period of time up and down. That and in Genesis 8 after the flood God said “As long as the earth endures,seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” This means that the seasons started by God after the flood and he promisss they will never end as long as the present earth exists. The present Earth will end after Jesus comes back then the Tribulation then Jesus comes back for the battle of armageddon, then the 1,000 year reign after that the judgeent and the new Heavens and Earth. The present storms and the ones to come are the birth pains spoken about in Matthew 24 by Jesus. They will get closer and closer together as we get closer to Jesus’ second comming. Be ready and come to the Lord.

  4. Oh we fools all around the world. We’ve forgotten about the principles which had been given to us by our creator, God Almighty. If we’d follow them, we should not fear or being angry about what’s happening, but we could live in harmony with the wonderful planet earth God Jehova has given to us. However, all strenght to build a “new world” will fail, because it’s all wanted to do without God, He’s excluded! So, we’re doomed to fail right from beginning. If we turn our hearts to HIM, we’ll win, if we turn our back to HIM, we’re doomed alraedy now…

  5. To Ross & Matt – Basel,

    Speak for yourself if you don’t mind. Not all of us believe in your mythology.

    Humans need to be proactive, not sit around and whine about myths coming true or not coming true.

    Why single out India & China? In their push to develop they are ignoring all that the world has learned the past 200 years. The politicians insist they have the right to learn it all over again for themselves – to heck with the world!

    When flying into Bombay from the west you observe the ocean changing color from blue to brown and the sky going from blue to a dirty brown/gray.

  6. St. Obama – so far he is nothing more than a politician who will do whatever it takes to achieve his ends – not to mention the biggest spender of all times.

    We will see in the next couple of years what he really is and really accomplishes.

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