eBay Introduces New Green Team – Advises on Green Shipping

Several months ago, online auction giant eBay announced its new green team – 1000 employees gathered together to help make a difference in the planet through small steps. 

Although it can be argued that the increased use of shippers and shipping of items by eBay is decidedly NOT green – noone can argue that eBay has kept LOTS of stuff otherwise destined for the landfills from being thrown away.  The new green site informs us that 86 million buyers and sellers on eBay have reused over $100B worth of products since 1998.  

Green team members are providing information on buying green, selling green, living green, and shipping green.  Green shipping tips help to reduce the carbon impact of sending stuff across the planet purchased on eBay!  It helps to buy stuff close to home – and eBay also allows you to search each listing by distance.  

eBay also has a new subsite designed exclusively for sellers of green products called Worldofgood.com  If you qualify and can list here – your listing is featured both on this site and the main eBay site, but you only pay one set of fees.

eBay also allows sellers to donate part of all of their profits to green organizations, as well as many other charitable organizations of their choice. 

eBay’s Green Team site in the future will host discussions and give information about green events in your area.  I look forward to seeing its evolution!