Inspiring speeches from Eco TEDsters

I love TED. I love the inspiring speeches and I love that they put them out online for everyone to enjoy. Some day, I’d love to attend one of their events.

Since the “E” in TED, stands for environment, there is no shortage of speeches on the topic and I’ve watched many of them over the years. But of all those tagged in environment, which ones are the most inspiring? Planet 100 weighed in with their list of The Top 5 Eco TEDsters yesterday. It’s a good list, with widely recognizable names like Al Gore and Jamie Oliver, covering a broad diversity of eco-topics like water, food, climate and even mushrooms.

Take a look at their list and let me know what you think. Do you agree with their list? Are there others you would rank ahead of these five?

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Written by Nathan Schock

Nathan is the director of public relations for POET, the largest producer of biofuels in the world. He is also a digital advocate of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. He wants to help communicators improve their delivery of this information to the public in order to drive social change. Although he monitors communications from all sectors, his primary focus is business, because it it the only institution with the resources necessary to implement the lasting changes needed to preserve and protect the environment. You can read his latest thoughts at


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