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Green-Savvy Entrepreneurship in One of the United States’ Most Sustainable Cities

Golden Triangle Bike Rental Downtown On the Eliza Furnace Trail (Main location)

Pittsburgh once again finds itself on a “top list” of sustainability. Site Selection magazine just released its inaugural sustainability index where Pittsburgh is ranked 6th among metro cities based on Green Industry; number of LEED Certified projects; LEED Certified projects per capita and level of incentives support for green projects.

From the 2003 Gold-LEED certified David L. Lawrence Convention Center to its #1 ranking in farmers markets and community gardens per capita, this former steel town represents the little green engine that could; and green-savvy entrepreneurs are taking advantage of Pittsburgh’s new found status.

One such enterprise, Golden Triangle Bike Rentals, with three locations around Pittsburgh, offers eco-friendly entertainment for the whole family. With bike rentals, sales and guided tours, Golden Triangle provides a niche market for residents and visitors looking to tour Pittsburgh’s three rivers, neighborhoods and sites by wheel.

Always on the lookout for new, green alternatives in the city, I took one of Golden Triangle’s Comfort Hybrid Bikes out for a spin around the bike trails of Pittsburgh’s North Shore. With breathtaking views of Pittsburgh’s new sports stadiums, the Allegheny River and the boats docked off of Washington’s Landing, it was an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the city. Comfortable, affordable and green, I highly recommend contributing to this green-savvy entrepreneur and encouraging more like them around your cities.

Image Credit: Golden Triangle Bike Rental under Copyright © 2010 Golden Triangle Bike Rental

Written by Emily DeMasi

Emily McKinin DeMasi is a 2011 MBA/ MA Public Policy candidate and Peace Corps Fellow at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Her thesis work concerns Corporate Social Responsibility in the United States. She also works as a Research Fellow at Bridgeway Capital, a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in downtown Pittsburgh. Emily has worked as an Associate in a Private Equity Placement Firm in NY and as a Water and Sanitation Volunteer in Ivory Coast, West Africa. She hopes to combine her business background with her passion for development and inspire others in the fields of Sustainability and CSR.


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  1. I too rented a bike from Golden Triangle a couple weekends back. It had been years since I've ridden one and their bikes were very comfortable, and affordable at about $8 an hour including a map and helmet. I've been in PIttsburgh for a little over a year and although I do miss many aspects of the bigger cities I'm used too, open your eyes a bit and Pittsburgh has a lot to offer at a lower cost. And surprisingly this steel city is going greener than most of the "hipper" metros in this country.

  2. What a great idea for spending a Saturday. Being able to tour the pittsburgh area via an eco-friendly mode of transportation can be a wonderful experience as well as an inexpensive form of entertainment. Working at a nonprofit science organization, I am happy to see businesses
    created with a green awareness in mind.

    • Great question Kristina! I’ll research that a bit. I know there has been some frustration over the lack of bike-able trails connecting the Pittsburgh neighborhoods. While the South Side and North Shore boast paved and dedicated bike trails, other neighborhoods don’t have easy connections to these or their own, making an automatic bicycle program a harder sale. Do any other readers know more about this??? If so, feel free to post. If not, Ill get back to you by week’s end.

      • Highly enlightening and informative. Next time I'm in the PIttsburgh area visiting family that will be one of the first things I request that we do. Sounds like fun and a good way to get off the "beaten" path of the city streets. Thanks for the info.

  3. Looks like a great way to see "daawn-taawn" Pittsburgh; Available parking is usually a headache in "the Burgh". Wondering what an "automatic bicycle program "is (Kr)? Cycling thru the South Side sounds like a unique perspective. Definitely deserves further investigation. Thanks for the info.

    • The way the Port Authority of Allegheny County operates, GTBR could be major players in "the Burgh" in a very short time.

      • Thanks for all of the great comments! I will be adding some more info on the biking community in Pittsburgh shortly!

  4. What a great selection of bikes! Would like to try them all! I wonder how far I would get in an hour?? Adding to "Favorites". Thanx

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