Sustainability Impossible Without a Major Economic Meltdown [video]

In Athens on June 11, 2010, Dr. Wayne Visser, Director of CSR International, interviewed John Elkington, Founder and Non-Executive Director of SustainAbility and Founding Partner and Director of Volans Ventures. During the interview, Elkington spoke about where he sees the sustainability and social enterprise agenda heading. I found a couple of his remarks interesting.

In the field of CSR and sustainability, we struggle with the question of how to change peoples’ behavior day to day. Elkington suggested that “you only get behavioral change that’s consistent and sticks if you get cultural change”. So now the big question is how do we inspired cultural change?

Another interesting or rather provocative statement was Elkington’s take on sustainability and the economy…

“I feel that sustainability is going to be impossible unless we have a really major economic meltdown. And I’ve been feeling that we were headed toward some element of that for some years. I don’t think as yet we have had enough of that crisis to really force a re-think.”

Wow! What do you think? Do you agree with John Elkington’s assessment?

Watch the entire interview below:


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Image credit: Bjornve via Flickr