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YouTube Dedicates Homepage to Homelessness [video]

At some point today, be sure to swing by YouTube’s homepage. The website spotlights homelessness with videos from for 24 hours. Mark Horvath created “to inspire people who live in tent cities, in shelters, and on sidewalks to share their stories on YouTube”.

Mark’s mission and story are nothing short of inspiring. You see, he understands homelessness better than most Americans, because he lived on the streets of Hollywood for years. And now, he’s trying to “smash stereotypes about America’s most forgotten citizens”.

Mark mentions some sobering numbers in the video below:

  • 50% of the homeless population consists of women and children
  • 39% of the homeless population are children under the age of 18
  • Average age of the homeless is nine years old

Still, experts are predicting one million home foreclosures will occur in the near future. The possibilities are staggering.

Also, the YouTube video collection comes at the midway point of Mark’s 2010 Road Trip U.S.A. He’s traveling to 28 American cities, interviewing homeless individuals every step of the way.

Visit YouTube to watch these inspiring stories and find out how you can help. Plus, you can follow Mark’s amazing journey on Twitter @hardlynormal.

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Image credit: Randy Stewart via Flickr under a CC license

Written by Cindy Hoots

With more than 10 years experience working for a major Fortune 500 company, Cindy specializes in socially and environmentally responsible business strategies. She has developed successful corporate communications and stakeholder engagement strategies on contentious sustainability issues and has worked with a number of NGOs and activist organizations on how to effectively partner with multinational companies. Cindy frequently writes about topics ranging from what is corporate social responsibility to sustainable supply chain and measuring a company's environmental impact. She believes business plays a vital role in the health of our communities and our planet.


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