Sunday Funny… Obama’s Inheritance

As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” So with this little nugget in mind, every Sunday at The Inspired Economist, we will post a satirical cartoon or an item that’s just plain silly. Here’s to starting off your week with a provocative thought and a smile…

Created by David Horsey, political cartoonist

Let’s not forget. President Obama inherited a country in economic turmoil. It took Bush eight years to mess things up. Let’s give Obama more than 18 months to fix it.

Here’s a great piece in the News Junkie Post, which points out several important facts on this issue:

“The American public suffers from a very dangerous case of amnesia. With all the new technology and advances in science, we have yet to find a way to keep Americans from forgetting basic facts, such as remembering that this economic recession was inherited from former president George W. Bush.”