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Halosource Raises $80 Million and Expanding Clean Water Services

Today is Blog Action Day, and Halosource is one company taking action to bring clean drinking water to developing countries around the world. Founded in 2002 in Seattle, Halosource has grown by focusing on providing their clean water technologies to emerging markets. In 2006, Halosource partnered with a domestic water purifying company in India. Two years later, Halosource expanded its partnerships to China and Brazil, linking up with a water treatment company and a consumer water device manufacturer. Some of the notable investors in Halosource include Mars, Unilever, and Masdar Clean-Tech Fund.

Halosource has become internationally recognized for their success in bringing clean water to millions of people, and at the London Stock Exchange this week they raised $80 million through an initial public offering. $50 million was raised in the deal from net proceeds, while an additional $30 million came from shareholders selling their shares to investors. Halosource chose London as its venue because there is a larger number of investors interested in water-related technology than in the U.S. The company is expecting 40 to 50 percent growth as they continue to do business in emerging economies and begin expansion with new branches in Brazil and Eastern Europe.

The HaloPure Bacteriostatic Water Cartridge is Halosource’s water treatment cartridge that is flexible enough to be used in different drinking water devices such as filters, coolers, water conditioners, and reverse osmosis units. HaloPure is one of the products that will allow Halosource to provide those emerging from poverty around the world with clean drinking water. Although Halosource is focusing their business on those around the world that are willing to pay for cheap and effective products that will provide them healthy drinking water, they are making a big impact on the clean water shortage around the world and their success should be saluted.

Image Credit: Allegra Foundation via Flickr under a CC license.

Written by Keenan Shaw


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