A Global Look at Sustainability and Innovation

Addressing climate change and a host of other global environmental problems will only be possible through innovation concludes Directions 10, the latest annual report from London-based communications agency Salterbaxter.

The 60-page report includes an interview with the head of GS Sustain, a column on the challenge of low-carbon growth from Lord Nicholas Stern, a piece on the ubiquity of palm oil, a greenwashing gallery and a look at life in a bio-society from yours truly. I also went on the record with the five sustainability issues that will occupy my time next year and nominated Marc Gunther for a leadership in sustainability award.

Dubbed the Innovation Edition, the tenth annual Directions report gathers opinions from sustainability leaders around the globe and compiles them into an interesting and compelling read. I particularly enjoyed Gerard Rijk’s description of the multi-committed company (MCC). The MCC is a business who creates opportunities from the eight interdependent crises the world is facing and he describes in depth.

The full report is available in PDF. I recommend reading the entire thing. After you’ve given it a read, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or chat on Twitter: @nathanschock.

Written by Nathan Schock

Nathan is the director of public relations for POET, the largest producer of biofuels in the world. He is also a digital advocate of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. He wants to help communicators improve their delivery of this information to the public in order to drive social change. Although he monitors communications from all sectors, his primary focus is business, because it it the only institution with the resources necessary to implement the lasting changes needed to preserve and protect the environment. You can read his latest thoughts at


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