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Dylan Ratigan on “Platinum Citizenship”

In his new article at HuffPo, Dylan Ratigan condenses all of our political and financial issues into one coherent, true story, under the title of “Platinum Citizenship.”

Dylan’s on a crusade for his newest project, the “Get Money Out” movement, which is advocating and pushing for a constitutional amendment to remove money from politics once and for all. Go learn more, and if you like what you read, show your support, at — since I signed it this weekend, it’s passed the the 200,000 signature mark — with lots of room to grow!

For a little background on Dylan’s views about money and politics, here’s a great video of him at #OWS in New York:

Highlights include his admonition for “NCAA rules” when it comes to politicians and money — “if you take money, you’re out.”

Another: “…focus on helping other people understand what you’re trying to do… devote all of your personal and digital energy to that.”

Just watch the video.

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