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For Appearance Sake: The BP Oil Spill Now

BP would be happy if we put the Oil Spill out of our minds. Therefore they spend millions to assure that the public forgets the long term damage to wildlife. The message from BP is that most everything is back to normal, sponsoring ads to entice tourists back to Gulf, and funding university research on the aftermath that is certain to skew the results (where money goes, goes accommodations to keep that money flowing). Don’t suppose that because a positive seal of approval emanates from an esteemed university  is the information true.

Do you wonder what the long term repercussions of oil spills, particularly BP’s in the Gulf of Mexico, are on our economic development, oceans and other waterways?

I have recently spoken with an *ocean science PhD who indicates that some research professors are being bought by BP. After all, funding provides their and others’ jobs. To them, it may feel like the right thing to do for the Gulf economy at large; lie to save or increase ocean industry jobs.

But ethics ought to prevail nevertheless. Economic development built upon a foundation of half-truths is certain to tumble. It is up to the public to ask the questions common to critical [news] media literacy of their news sources:

1. What does the new really mean? Is critical information left out of reports?

2. Who is providing the news? Are they capable of understanding the data in sustainability – or **sustonometric – terms?

3. Who is paying for the news? Is it a non-profit who has nothing to really gain? Or is a corporation with everything to lose?

Look more deeply and discover some truths. From there our foundation of understanding is more solid and opportunities for repair are hopeful.

  • * The PhD is one who must continue to have an open dialogue with the researchers who are perpetrating the inaccuracies. Therefor I won’t make her work difficult by revealing her name.
  • ** Sustonometrics is the dynamic of environmental care in the face of economic development.


Written by Isa Cann

Isa is the creater and original producer of the radio program The Long View on WUML FM 91.5 ( All facets of Sustainable Development (SD) are covered on the program. Featured guests include invested political figures, academics, Green business owners and other Green organization representatives. She also owns an SD focused website design, marketing and communications business, Isa has earned both: a B.A in English-writing and an M.A. in Economic & Social Development -with, again, a focus in Sustainable Development!


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