Does Nature Need a CEO?

At some point, you have to wonder….will nature’s so-called ecosystem services ever get the full recognition they so greatly deserve? After all, without nature, we’d have no oxygen and no clean water. Pretty much the end of humanity, no matter how great our technology.
If nature had a CEO, who would it be, and what would their strategy be? If they could lobby congress with unlimited funds as a result of Citizens United, what policies would they push for?
In this article by our friends at CleanTechnica, Nathan ponders these and other world-shifting questions. Enjoy!

  Even though nature provides the resources that power the global economy, they lack a seat in the boardrooms of most large companies, the resources that they provide should have a price tag, says one of world’s most influential green economists. “Ignoring nature’s value risks ‘mayhem’ for…

Written by Scott Cooney

Scott Cooney (twitter: scottcooney) is an adjunct professor of Sustainability in the MBA program at the University of Hawai'i, green business startup coach, author of Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur (McGraw-Hill), and developer of the sustainability board game GBO Hawai'i. Scott has started, grown and sold two mission-driven businesses, failed miserably at a third, and is currently in his fourth. Scott's current company has three divisions: a sustainability blog network that includes the world's biggest clean energy website and reached over 5 million readers in December 2013 alone; Pono Home, a turnkey and franchiseable green home consulting service that won entrance into the clean tech incubator known as Energy Excelerator; and Cost of Solar, a solar lead generation service to connect interested homeowners and solar contractors. In his spare time, Scott surfs, plays ultimate frisbee and enjoys a good, long bike ride.


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