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Iron Edison Provides Viable Storage Solutions for Solar or Wind

I learned about Iron Edison last July when I posted this story on Clean Technica. I was impressed because owners Brandon Williams and his wife offer “off-gridders” and others a viable energy storage solution that allows many renewable plants run on a 24/7 basis. And since the storage question remains one of the fundamental drawbacks to large-scale adoption of solar or wind technologies, this is information any serious renewables practitioner should have.


Featured Energy Storage Business: Iron Edison Battery Company (via Clean Technica)

If renewable electricity from solar or wind is part of your sustainable formula, the question of storing captured energy needs to be answered. This is where Brandon and Maggie Williams come to the plate with their Lakewood, CO-based Iron Edison Battery Company, offering a convincing storage solution…


Written by Glenn Meyers

is a writer, producer, and director. Meyers is editor and site director of Green Building Elements, a contributor to CleanTechnica, and founder of Green Streets MediaTrain, a communications connection and eLearning hub. As an independent producer, he's been involved in the development, production and distribution of television and distance learning programs for both the education industry and corporate sector. He also is an avid gardener and loves sustainable innovation.


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