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Sustainable Manufacturing & Development Resources

Sustainable Manufacturing & Development Publishers: GreenBiz Environmental Leader The Manufacturer BusinessGreen – Manufacturing Sustainable Manufacturing & Development Statistics: Infographic: Responsible Consumption and Production Facts About Manufacturing US Manufacturing, Statistics, and Outlook Sustainable Manufacturing & Development Articles We Recommend: EPA: “Sustainable Manufacturing” United Nations: “Sustainable Development Goals” Thomas: “How Sustainable Practices Are Changing the Manufacturing Sphere” …

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Supply Chain / Transportation Resources

Supply Chain / Transportation Publishers: Supply Chain Dive Transport Topics Supply Chain Digital Business News Transportation — CNBC Freight Waves Supply Chain / Transportation Statistics: 30+ Impressive Supply Chain Statistics for 2019 Global Supply Chain Statistics U.S. logistics industry – Statistics & Facts Supply Chain / Transportation Articles We Recommend: Harvard Business Review: “The Sustainable …

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Sustainable Investment Resources

Sustainable Investment Publishers: Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing Impact Investing — CNBC Impact Investing — Entrepreneur Socially Responsible Investment — Business Green Sustainable Investment Statistics: The Remarkable Rise Of ESG Sustainable Investment Is Moving 5 Facts: Understanding the Current State of ESG Investing Sustainable Investment Articles We Recommend: Bloomberg: “Sustainable Investing” U.S. News and …

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Corporate Social Responsibility Resources

Corporate Social Responsibility Publishers: GreenBiz CSRwire Corporate Social Responsibility — Entrepreneur Corporate Social Responsibility Statistics Global Giving: 15 CSR Facts You Need To Know 10 Stats Every CSR Professional Should Know (Infographic) Corporate Social Responsibility Articles We Recommend: Double the Donation: “Corporate Social Responsibility: The Definitive Guide” Forbes: “Why CSR? The Benefits Of Corporate Social …

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Sustainable Agriculture Resources

Sustainable Agriculture Publishers: Civil Eats Modern Farmer Ag Update Successful Farming Sustainable Agriculture Statistics: Fast Facts About Agriculture 11 Facts About Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture Articles We Recommend: UC Davis: “What Is Sustainable Agriculture” Knowable Magazine: “A Middle Path To Sustainable Farming” FoodPrint: “Sustainable Agriculture vs. Industrial Agriculture”\ United States Department of Agriculture: “Sustainable Agriculture: …

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Food Economy Resources

Food Economy Publishers: The New Food Economy The Economist — Food Food Business News Food Dive The Food Institute Food Economy Statistics: Ag and Food Sectors and the Economy What is the Food and Ag Industries’ Impact in Your Community? Why Local Food Matters U.S. Food Retail Industry – Statistics & Facts 14 Surprising Stats …

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Green Energy Resources

Green Energy Publishers: Green Tech Media Renewable Energy World Grist Energy News at Green Energy Statistics: U.S. Renewable Energy Factsheet Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2019 Top Clean Energy Statistics 2018 Vox: The global transition to clean energy, explained in 12 charts Green Energy Articles We Recommend: EPA: “What Is Green Power?” Insteading: Solar Power …

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Healthcare Industry Resources

Healthcare Publishers: Modern Healthcare FierceHealthcare Health Care at NPR Healthcare IT News Healthcare Statistics: CDC National Center for Health Statistics WHO International Health Care Statistics ReferralMD: 30 Healthcare Statistics That Keep Hospital Executives Up At Night SingleCare: Medical Debt Statistics Healthcare Articles We Recommend: Harvard Medical School: “Single payer healthcare: Pluses, minuses, and what it …

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Various resources we provide related to sustainable and forward-minded economics: Green Energy Resources Food Economy Resources Sustainable Agriculture Resources Corporate Social Responsibility Resources Healthcare Industry Resources Sustainable Investment Resources Supply Chain / Transportation Resources Sustainable Manufacturing & Development Resources

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The Complicated Equation of Attracting Young Farmers

Young farmers will need access to land and partnerships to help them learn how to be successful in a changing agricultural landscape. That was the central message emerging from a series of panelists at Investing in Discovery: 2017 Food Tank Summit Boston.  Matthew Dillon, Director of Agricultural Policy and Programs at Clif Bar, says that, to …

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Love Armies and Love Economies: Economic Hit Man for good

At the Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica last month, one of the speakers present was Jon Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. For those who haven’t read the book, Perkins writes about how he worked for years to identify foreign nations which had resources the US economy needed, and then to …

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InspiredEconomist Privacy Policy Date Last Revised: December 15 2016 Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. This privacy policy describes our policies on the collection, use, and disclosure of your information in connection with your use of our website, emails, and mobile applications (“Site”) and how we use that information in connection with …

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