Climate Change: How to Get Your Message Across to Consumers

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If you’re not Al Gore, confidently communicating on climate change can be a challenge. What practical skills and techniques should you use to reach your consumers? Futerra, the UK’s leading specialists on the development and delivery of climate change communications will lead a practical masterclass before the conference, dealing with these very issues. The agenda will cover:

  • Facing the challenges: What are the biggest barriers to changing attitudes and behaviours towards the climate?
  • Where are we now and what’s happening around the world?
  • Rules and Games: Key insight from Futerra’s research, covering: ‘The Rules of the Game’ and ‘New Rules, New Game’ – tactics to change attitudes and behaviours to climate change
  • Try-before-you-buy: Road testing the rules with real life climate challenges
  • Pulling it all together: How to build campaigns that work

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