Company Finalizes Solar Installation of Seventh Winery Customer

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Akeena Solar, Inc., a leading designer and installer of solar power systems, announced recently the completion of the design and installation of a 126 kW solar power system for Peju Winery in Napa Valley, CA.

With the solar power system, Peju Winery generates enough clean, solar electricity each day to power 40 average homes. This solar power system will reduce Peju’s annual expense of electric utilities by approximately 35 percent. The solar power system will pay for itself in less than five years. For more information, go to

From the solar energy of the system, Peju Winery now produces approximately 35 percent of its electricity needs on an annual basis. The winery received a solar energy rebate of approximately $260,000 from the California Energy Commission, as well as approximately $278,000 federal business solar tax credit.

"Being chosen by one of Napa Valley’s top wineries to install this solar energy system was quite an honor. The current state and federal solar incentives make solar electric systems a viable investment for all types of businesses," said Barry Cinnamon, Chief Executive Officer of Akeena Solar. "With electric energy costs skyrocketing, smart organizations like Peju Winery are now looking for ways to reduce and set its facility operations expenses for the long term. With a 25-year warranty and a 30-year design life on the major system components, this solar energy system will save the winery money for many years to come."

As a certified Napa County Green Business, Peju’s primary motivation for installing the solar power system is to produce green solar energy. Ariana Peju, Vice President at Peju Winery, said, "It’s the right thing to do. Solar energy is good for the environment and the reduction of greenhouse gases is good for the community. With the financial incentives, it was an easy decision. We chose Akeena Solar based on its reputation and its employees. It was easy to do business with Akeena."

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