Greening Your Business — For Free!

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Can you green your business for free? With the right qualifiers, you might. There is at least one company that will take a comprehensive look at your organization, project out the amount of money it can save on your electric bill by installing greener technologies, and outfit you — free — on a contingency basis and through performance contracts.

Certainly, there are other companies offering similar services. For this reason, this post is not intended as an advertisement for this particular company, but I will use it as an illustration of this business model. If there are other companies offering savings-based energy services, please let me know and I’ll compile a list for a future post.

Here’s how the process works:

Electric Solution first reviews up to a 36-month electrical billing history to assess what is called your company’s “demand profile” and determine the impact of certain loads, while also determining the best rate schedules or contracts based on your history of your power consumption.

Occasionally one-line electrical drawings are reviewed and electrical rooms and HVAC and other equipment and components are surveyed and loads measured. Billing and equipment information is analyzed, and if economically sound, a proposal is prepared with guaranteed savings.

If it appears that a contingency fee basis makes sense, Electric Solution will proceed with the installation and programming of the demand controller and other equipment. Following installation, it will monitor billing to ensure the savings projections are met and accuracy in your utility bill remains constant.

All costs including equipment, installation, continuous monitoring and support, are included in the proposed savings throughout the contract period. There are no out of pocket expenses.

Because the savings are in your company’s electric bill, you’ll see results within 30 days of completion of work. Plus, Electric Solution guarantees continuity in your business environment — no chilly employees or offices going dark unexpectedly.

There is another green benefits, as well. By reducing your peak demand (kW), you are making more electricity available to others during peak periods, which reduces the need for additional power plants in your area.

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