Looking for Sustainable Building Materials- Check Out Straws, Sticks, and Bricks

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Logo_5 Straws, Sticks, and Bricks is an inspiring business offering a wide range of sustainable building products from Structural Insulated Panels to Caroma Dual-Flush Toilets.  Founded by Jen Carlson and Josh Shear in 2001, after their struggle to find sustainable building products for the construction of their own Straw Bale house, Straws Sticks & Bricks provides the materials and information necessary to build a sustainable future.  As they state, 

"At Straw Sticks & Bricks our primary motive is education. We are committed to bringing sustainable practices into the mainstream of the building infrastructure. Our vision is to educate home owners, builders, architects, engineers, interior designers, commercial developers, community leaders, and do-it-yourselfers on the virtues of building sustainably."

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