Meet SAM- He is Quite A Tool

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Sam_guyhome2_1 SAM’s mission in life is to streamline the setting of multi-person meetings through a simple, web-based scheduling interface. He eliminates the inefficiency of repeated phone calls and emails, providing a cross-platform, scheduler-independent tool for coordinating any number of meeting participants.

Simply register, then follow SAM’s six easy steps to schedule your meeting. All you need to tell him is who you are inviting, the location, and your preferred dates and times. SAM will automatically email everybody, prompting them to choose from the available slots. Once they respond, he will match everyone’s preferences to determine the optimal meeting schedule. And he will keep you and your participants updated every step of the way.

SAM has lots of great qualities that everyone needs from their scheduling aide:
• Streamlined scheduling for meetings of 2 to 2,000 – anytime, anyplace
• Simple cancellations, rescheduling, and cloning of additional meetings
• Web-based technology works for anyone regardless of platform or experience
• Ability to upload email address book quickly and easily
• Automatic integration with Outlook, Palm, and other scheduling software coming soon

Best of all, SAM works for free. Plus, he will soon be integrated with local providers of meeting locations and ancillary services, so you can reserve space, A/V equipment, and refreshments while you schedule your meeting. Like we said, this guy is quite a tool.

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