Oil and Auto Companies Work Together to Advance Hydrogen as a Fuel for Road Transport in Europe

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As GreenBiz reports,

Global energy and automobile companies last week announced a joint approach to advance hydrogen as a fuel for road transport in Europe.

Shell Hydrogen B.V. and Total France, were joined by vehicle manufacturers BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler AG, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Europe AG, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, and Volkswagen AG in developing a joint scheme for creating a robust European hydrogen infrastructure.

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology will bring significant change in the way Europe produces and uses energy, says the companies. While the public and private sectors already agreed that so-called Lighthouse Projects, integrating all aspects of hydrogen production, distribution and use, are the necessary next step, the group of energy companies and vehicle manufacturers believe that now is the time to move forward. In a common position paper, the companies have defined a near and mid term action plan to pave the way for the introduction of hydrogen-based mobility in Europe.

The companies are together convinced that a joint approach between energy companies and vehicle manufacturers is an excellent means to bridge the gap between the present individual demonstration activities and future commercially available hydrogen vehicles including the corresponding refueling infrastructure.

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