PSC Encourages Energy Users to Shift Usage Patterns

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The state of New York is embarking on an interesting new policy making the electricity bills of large consumers more transparent in an effort to encourage them to shift usage patterns.   As the The Business Review (Albany),

If small and mid-sized manufacturers, large schools, health care facilities and office complexes use electricity at "off-hours," they will reduce pressure on the power grid and realize cost-savings, said Doug Lutzy, chief of rates and tariffs in the state Public Service Commission’s Office of Electricity and Environment.

In April, the PSC mandated that those consumers be billed for power on an hourly basis. Their bills will reflect the cost of power during each hour. Previously, they were billed on a daily-use average. The hope is that when customers see how much electricity costs at different times of the day, they will switch to periods when electricity costs less.

Click here for the full article from The Business Review (Albany)

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