Stock Sale and Complex Merger May Help to Turn Solar Power Inc. Into a Full Service Sun-Power Business

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Photo:(Dennis McCoy | Sacramento Business Journal)

Solar Power Inc, a California manufacturer of solar-power equipment is going public through a complex merger and a $16 million stock sale.  The move would turn the company into a full service sun-power business top-to-bottom, from building solar-cell modules in China to installation on California rooftops.  As the Sacramento Business Journal reports, 

"Now is the right time to really start to look at solar as being a business investment, as well as the right-thing-to-do type of investment," said Steve Kircher, chairman and CEO of Solar Power Inc. "We think we can create a very exciting, fully integrated solar business."

The global solar industry reached $11.2 billion in 2005, up 55 percent in a year, according to Clean Edge Inc., a market research firm focused on clean energy.  The industry is expected to grow to $51 billion by 2015, according to the firm’s "Clean-Energy Trends 2006" report.

Click here for the full story from the Sacramento Business Journal.

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