Sustainable Business: Practices in Support of People Profits and Principles

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Over the past decade, many businesses have applied the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. They’ve managed to "do the right thing" for the planet and for people and still remain highly profitable.

The question is: How?

In this five-day, intensive summer program, you’ll explore the principles of sustainable venturing and marketing. But even more importantly, you’ll apply what you’ve learned.

Are you a business leader seeking to build and manage a values-driven organization — and still make a profit? Or are you a student interested in pursuing a career at such a workplace?

By offering both academic credit and professional development enrollment options, this program is designed to meet your needs. You’ll choose to attend anywhere from one to five days, Monday through Friday. In all cases, you’ll learn about the principles and best practices that allow successful businesses to achieve sustainability.

Learn from recognized leaders in business and academia using an interdisciplinary approach. This five days of seminars allow you to interact with Ben & Jerry’s and Green Mountain Coffee representatives; meet other individuals who are committed to applying state-of-the-art knowledge in their organizations and businesses; and work in teams on "living case studies" — two actual sustainable marketing projects under way at Ben & Jerry’s.

WHEN: July 9–13, 2007 (Monday through Friday)
WHERE: UVM campus, plus company site visits

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