The Ceres Conference 2007

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The Ceres Conference 2007, Advancing Sustainable Prosperity, comes at a critical juncture. The world is struggling to meet energy and water needs, the planet is warming at an alarming pace, and many still live and work in poverty. While corporations are under increasing pressure to compete globally while maximizing returns, these environmental and social challenges are business issues that need serious attention. They pose both risks that must be managed proactively and opportunities that must be leveraged immediately.

Advancing sustainable prosperity is about understanding that capitalism and sustainability are deeply and increasingly interrelated. By uniting investor and environmental perspectives, business strategies can be aligned with sustainable solutions so that the planet can be protected at the same time that people can prosper.

Ceres, the world’s largest network of investors, environmentalists and companies united for sustainable prosperity, challenges conventional short-term thinking, builds long-term value and produces measurable results. Join us for the Ceres Conference 2007, which will bring together and mobilize CEOs, corporate directors, investors and national environmental leaders to take action on these vast challenges before us.

WHEN: April 25-26, 2007
WHERE: Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA

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