The Social Capital Foundation

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The Social Capital Foundation (TSCF) is a non-profit organization based in Brussels. Created in 2002, TSCF pursues the promotion of social capital, which can be defined as a set of mental dispositions and attitudes favoring cooperative behaviors within society, and social cohesion.

TSCF brings together people and organizations who would like to contribute to a better future by reinforcing the social link, as opposed to focusing purely on the more narrow economic focus.

Its orientation "emphasizes the necessary social dimension of the market economy, the pivotal role of the middle class in a democratic society, the improvement of social partnership and civic participation, and the preservation of cultural identity for community integration."

The Foundation sets up a yearly or bi-yearly international conference and also to edits The International Scope® Review. TISR is an international journal that publishes empirical works and essays on the  economic, ethnic and interpersonal transformations occurring nowadays in the industrial countries. It is based on the tripartite model of societal change created by President Patrick Hunout.

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