Timberland’s First Facility-Level Sustainability Report

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Last week Timberland announced the availability of its first factory-specific sustainability report to all stakeholders, industry leaders and consumers. The Facility Report details baseline performance information for the company’s Dominican Republic factory in the areas of global human rights, environmental stewardship and community involvement.

Timberland’s goals for facility-level reporting are threefold: (1) Build on the company’s commitment to local accountability, (2) Focus on community engagement and continuous performance improvements at the local level and (3) Provide the foundation for a stakeholder dialogue between Timberland, its Dominican Republic factory and the factory’s stakeholders.

“This report represents a major milestone in our efforts to translate Timberland’s corporate values and commitment to sustainability at the local level,” said Alex Hausman, Timberland’s CSR Reporting Manager. “Our hope is that the data in this report will help us to better align our corporate CSR priorities with local needs, and that it can serve as a model for future reporting projects with other facilities and contractors.”

Timberland worked closely with its stakeholders as well as Ceres and the Facility Reporting Project to develop a report that would be consistent, comparable and credible across industries and companies. The Facility Report is available in both Spanish and English and is considered a companion piece to Timberland’s corporate CSR report.

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