WOW Energies Achieves Reduction of CO2 Greenhouse Gases from Electrical Power Plant

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124_wow_energies_multicolor WOW Energy, Inc announced recently that its WOWClean pilot plant has demonstrated CO2 greenhouse gas reductions ranging from 25% to 85% from flue gases on a AES150 MW petcoke fired electricity generating plant in Texas and a Boralex 40 MW wood waste fired electricity generating plant in Maine. CO2 is the principal greenhouse gas associated with global warming and is the by-product of burning fossil fuels and the most difficult pollutant to remove from flue gases. Electricity generation and vehicles are the main contributors of greenhouse gases on a worldwide basis. Pollution reduction results were verified by independent third party test agencies in accordance with EPA test procedures.

The WOWClean is a stand alone multi-pollutant removal system developed for installation on coal-fired power plants, boilers, furnaces, incinerators, gasifiers, gas turbines, reciprocating engines and other industrial flue gas sources. The WOWClean is designed to operate with low temperature flue gases and removes nearly all the pollutants from a flue gas, including SOx, NOx, and PM2.5/PM10 particulates. In addition to removing these pollutants, the system removes between 85% and 95% of heavy metals pollutants, including Mercury.

A WOWClean pilot plant was built with a $1.6 Million cost shared grant program from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”), awarded in April 2005. The grant program provided for the demonstration and commercialization of the WOW Energies’ multi-pollutant flue gas cleaning technology. The pilot plant is a mobile unit and available for transport to any site to analyze, test and verify the pollution reduction capabilities of the WOWClean technology.

The results of the WOWClean pilot plant testing will be presented on Wednesday, December 6 at the Texas Technology “2006” Showcase in Galveston, Texas. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Texas Industries of the Future, the Texas State Energy Conservation Office and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) sponsor the Technology Showcase.

The WOW Energies’ patented WOWGen and WOWClean systems are a breakthrough in energy efficiency, waste heat recovery and pollution reduction technologies. “This is a significant breakthrough in reducing global warming from GHG. For the first time, industry has a viable technology to efficiently and economically remove nearly all pollutants, including GHG and Mercury, from a single flue gas cleaning system, stated Daniel Stinger, Chairman of WOW Energies and inventor of the WOWGen and WOWClean systems. “This technology can make coal a clean and pollution free fuel and allow industry to upgrade existing electrical generating units rather than build new, expensive and unproven power plants such as IGCC, to supply the world’s demands for clean power”.

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