Author name: Ramsay Mameesh

When Ramsay Mameesh is not writing for The Inspired Economist, he is trying to save the world, by getting people to retire. Ramsay Mameesh holds B.S., appropriately named, degrees in Business, Marketing and Economics. He has over ten years of corporate bank marketing experience, as well as start-up, and small business experience. Ramsay Mameesh lives in San Francisco, CA., with his wife and fish. Neither one is called Wanda. I knew you'd ask.

Martin Luther King on Socially Responsible Investing

“Tell your neighbors not to buy Coca-Cola in Memphis. Go by and tell them not to buy SealtestWonder Bread.”  Martin Luther King told milk. Tell them not to buy–what is the other bread?– the parishoners of Bishop Charles Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee, the Sunday before his assasination. Martin Luther King is remembered today, even

Free the Korean Economics Blogger!

In a chilling precedent for economics bloggers around the globe, a South Korean economics blogger was arrested and charged with “Spreading false economic information on the internet.”, and if convicted could face 5 years in jail.

How Alan Greenspan Tricked America

Mr. Greenspan quiets the crowd and lowers his voice solemnly. “Now I shall perform the grand finale of the evening. Mr. America if you would be so kind as to allow me your services for one final trick?” Mr. America steps back onto the stage, flushed with excitement, the one hundred dollar bill remains in the box.

Interview: Santa Admits Causing Global Warming

In a report due to be released this Thursday in San Francisco, NASA scientists will reveal satellite imagery indicating that over 2 trillion tons of polar land ice has melted since 2003, we contacted the most famous polar resident to get his reaction. In the following exclusive pre-Christmas interview, Inspired Economist investigative reporter Ramsay Mameesh,

Obama’s Green Job Plan x 10

And even though the Obama proposal will create 2.5 million green jobs within 5 years, that will do little to replace the 4 million lost manufacturing jobs since President Bush took office, or the 2 million jobs lost so far this year, or the who knows how many jobs that will be lost in 2009.

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