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Lean Manufacturing is Green Manufacturing!

One way in which today’s corporation is becoming enlightened to the fact that green manufacturing CAN equal more profitable manufacturing is through a new concept called “lean manufacturing”. In the 1980’s, JIT, or just-in-time techniques became all the rage in management circles as they shaved costs from production by eliminating the need for high levels of inventories by focusing on using just what was needed, when it was needed.

Simple Steps Businesses Can Take Today for a Greener Future

Although most larger businesses are at least making an effort to greenwash their enterprises, small and medium size businesses are a bit slower to adopt this trend. Largely, this is because they view it as a big project, and just don’t yet understand that simple items can help green their operations in many ways. Greening a small or medium business can also add another element to marketing branding that has been proven to be highly successful!

eBay Introduces New Green Team – Advises on Green Shipping

Several months ago, online auction giant eBay announced its new green team – 1000 employees gathered together to help make a difference in the planet through small steps.

Although it can be argued that the increased use of shippers and shipping of items by eBay is decidedly NOT green – noone can argue that eBay has kept LOTS of stuff otherwise destined for the landfills from being thrown away. The new green site informs us that 86 million buyers and sellers on eBay have reused over $100B worth of products since 1998.

What Constitutes a Truly Sustainable Business?

Sustainability is the great new green buzz word in our society – but what does it really mean? Does it mean that a business can use sustainable materials, treat employees well, but not turn a profit? Or does it mean that a business can make all the right noises, recycle products, give to high profile organizations and yet treat its employees like expendable commodities? Most definitely not!

Green Irene – Greening the Planet, One Home at a Time

The green movement has fostered many new socially conscious startups , among them is New York based Green Irene. Founded by husband-wife entrepreneurs PJ Stafford and Rosamaria Caballero Stafford, Green Irene’s mission is to green the planet by showing home and business owners simple changes they can make to help save the planet – and save money in the process.

How Technology is Helping Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

For years, green activists were “anti-technology”, claiming that technological advances were largely responsible for the polluted state of Mother Earth. This was a fair claim, as yesterday’s technologies only looked at the bottom line, and not the resulting mess. In today’s reality, the words “green” and “technology” no longer constitute an oxymoron, as technologists have turned their attention to cleaning up the mess previous generations have made.

Swine Flu and “Factory Farming”

Today’s news is ablaze with stories about the recent swine flu outbreak, an outbreak that may have been fully preventable through the use of green farming practices. At the time I write this post, 50 cases of swine

flu have been reported in the US alone, with one death attributable to the mutated virus. Although most cases have been mild, the fear factor alone is leading to school closures and cancelled vacations across the world.

Building on Mother Nature – Artificial Photosynthesis

Green plants, trees and their leaves remove noxious carbon dioxide from the air during a process known as Photosynthesis.  This is why we are all so upset about the ruination of the rain forests, which act as natural air cleaners in volume due to the density of vegetation. But planting new trees in a deforested area

Jump on the Green Bandwagon – Attend Greener by Design 2009

The question for businesses used to be “Can we afford to go green?” Now it is ” Can we afford NOT to go green?” The upcoming Greener by Design 2009 conference, to be held May 19-20 in San Francisco will focus on helping industries learn to cut costs, create efficiency, and move towards sustainability through a series of focused hands-on innovation sessions, small-group consultative sessions, and demonstrations of new materials and tools.

Eaton Corporation Focuses on Sustainability

Eaton Corporation (NYSE:ETN) has been an icon of the American markets for many years – a definite example of traditional US industry that provides power management, hydraulics, and automotive drivetrain systems among its many offerings. Cutler-Hammer is one of its most recognizable brands. Sales in 2007 were $13B.

Socially Conscious Bottled Water

Just yesterday, I was browsing the bottled water section at Whole Foods when I came across a new brand with a really cool looking logo and labels that read “Joy”, “Peace”, “Health”, and “Prosperity” featuring instructions to visualize this intent while drinking the contents. Intrigued, I bought some and brought it home. It tasted fresher and cleaner than other waters – and hopefully my chosen intent (Prosperity, of course), will manifest.

Are Green Collar Jobs The Answer to Our Current Economic Dilemma?

As today’s blue collar workers lament the loss of jobs to illegal immigrants or offshoring, a whole new movement is afoot that very well may provide the solution to unemployment woes. As we experience the total revolution of our economy as we know it, an entirely new set of jobs are being created; green collar jobs. In fact, not since the Industrial Age has the global economy experienced the onsite of such a dramatic transformation!

An Interview with Frank Dixon – Founder of Global Systems Change

Frank Dixon is the founder of Global Systems Change and the former Managing Director of Research for Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, which is the largest corporate sustainability research company in the world. His perspective on corporate thought and sustainability is that flaws in our economic and political systems make it impossible for any company to become sustainable. In fact, Mr. Dixon managed to shake my belief in many of the fundamental “sacred cows” I learned in business school

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