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  • More Ways Electronics Technology Can Help Green the Earth

    For years, the consumer electronics industry has taken a bad rap with the green community – and deservedly so.  Cheap electronics components eat up considerable natural resources, need cheap labor to produce, and until recently, have been designed to be “throw-aways” when the latest and greatest widget comes along. Nothing is ever black and white, […] More

  • Earth Conscious Insurance – It Can Save You Money to Go Green

    Green business practices are not limited to factories and buildings anymore. According to Yahoo Finance, soem insurance companies are offering clients who drive green cars or live in green homes a break on their premiums. Still others are offering to rebuild a green home that is lost due to fire or other catastrophes “greener” than it was before. More

  • How Technology is Helping Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

    For years, green activists were “anti-technology”, claiming that technological advances were largely responsible for the polluted state of Mother Earth. This was a fair claim, as yesterday’s technologies only looked at the bottom line, and not the resulting mess. In today’s reality, the words “green” and “technology” no longer constitute an oxymoron, as technologists have turned their attention to cleaning up the mess previous generations have made. More

  • Swine Flu and “Factory Farming”

    Today’s news is ablaze with stories about the recent swine flu outbreak, an outbreak that may have been fully preventable through the use of green farming practices. At the time I write this post, 50 cases of swine

    flu have been reported in the US alone, with one death attributable to the mutated virus. Although most cases have been mild, the fear factor alone is leading to school closures and cancelled vacations across the world. More

  • Sears Goes Green – Suits Made From Recycled Bottles to Hit the Racks in May

    Department store giant Sears is jumping on the green bandwagon by announcing plans to offer “green” clothing in May – suits made from recycled PET bottles with NO petroleum used in the manufacturing process. Made in partnership with the US arm of Japan based Teijin Fibers Limited, each suit will be 54% recycled polyester, 42% wool, and 4% spandex, and will be fully machine washable.

  • Eat Potatoes with Potatoes – Use Biodegradable Tater Ware

    Every day, we are faced with the question of whether it is greener to serve meals on reusable dishes and waste water to wash them with, or contribute to the landfill problem by using paper plates and plastic utensils.   Biodegradable Food Service Products (abbreviated BDFS) has a solution to this dilemma by using the humble […] More

  • Building on Mother Nature – Artificial Photosynthesis

    Green plants, trees and their leaves remove noxious carbon dioxide from the air during a process known as Photosynthesis.  This is why we are all so upset about the ruination of the rain forests, which act as natural air cleaners in volume due to the density of vegetation. But planting new trees in a deforested area […] More

  • Jump on the Green Bandwagon – Attend Greener by Design 2009

    The question for businesses used to be “Can we afford to go green?” Now it is ” Can we afford NOT to go green?” The upcoming Greener by Design 2009 conference, to be held May 19-20 in San Francisco will focus on helping industries learn to cut costs, create efficiency, and move towards sustainability through a series of focused hands-on innovation sessions, small-group consultative sessions, and demonstrations of new materials and tools.

  • Home Depot and Petco Targeted for Terracycle’s Newest Recycling Efforts

    Inspired green progress continues to be made by Terracycle – the company that first made fertilizer from worm poop and tote bags from food wrappers.  The next initiative by this innovative company is to place recycling bins outside Petco and Home Depot, OfficeMax, and BestBuy stores to collect items that were normally not even considered as […] More

  • Boulder County Colorado Creates Jobs, Funds Green “ClimateSmart” Loans

    Boulder, Colorado, an idyllic college town notorious for its health conscious population, has again shown its progressive spirit by voting for county Issue 1A last November, authorizing the government to sell bonds to fund loans to homeowners who want to make energy-efficient upgrades. This week, lawmakers met to decide upon details of this new local “stimulus” package.

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