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  • Social Entrepreneurs: How to Change the World Through Business

    I love to read, but am lucky if I have time to finish even one book a month. Fortunately, I can “cheat” and listen to author interviews on the radio or via podcasts, and I just listened to an engaging interview with Pamela Hartigan, the founding partner of the yet-to-be-launched Volans Ventures and the founding […] More

  • Energy Efficiency Policies and Products Create Jobs

    In this uncertain economic time, it is great to hear some good (and not just on a relative scale, but really good) news. A just-released report authored by UC Berkeley professor David Roland-Holst, called “Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California,” documents the job growth and economic development that resulted from thirty years of […] More

  • Using Core Values for Environmental Causes and Green Marketing

    I love market research–not necessarily quick, potentially biased surveys put out by companies wanting to prove a particular point, but in-depth market research by experienced researchers using large samples. Sometimes you just learn the obvious, but most often something surprising and interesting comes out. People are interesting and will tell you surprising things if you […] More

  • Sustainability and Google’s 10th Anniversary

    Ideas may be a dime a dozen, but turning an idea into action generally costs money–sometimes a lot of money. And that’s where Google can be of service. It’s Google’s Tenth Anniversary, and they are celebrating by giving away up to $10 million for good ideas to change the world.  Project 10^100 is open to […] More