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  • Sustainability: Government, Business and… Brands?

    Sustainability will not be an over night phenomenon. In fact I would argue a sea change is taking place but have barely begun to see the ripples. With a new administration, government has demonstrated that they will be playing an instrumental role on the compliance and technology side. More

  • Mobilizing Change

    The founders from three bay area start-ups gathered in HUB’s first bay area home in front of a sold-out crowd to talk about their origins, give the audience – and each other – advice and insights on the “secret sauce” for creating impact. More

  • Business: seeking a moral compass

    Across the spectrum, leaders and pundits are calling on a return to old-fashioned notions of virtue, nobility and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. More

  • Can Sustainability be a Brand?

    The 2009 Sustainability Conference kicked off last night in Monterey, CA with opening remarks from among others, Owen Rogers, Partner and Experience Design Lead of IDEO.   A self-described non-expert in sustainability none-the-less first laid out five principals on branding then asked whether sustainability could be a brand? Whether there is sound reasoning or “the answer” […] More

  • The Executive Case for Social Innovation

    Yesterday the White House announced President Obama’s 2010 request to Congress for $50 million to set up a Social Innovation Fund with the goal of identifying the most promising results-oriented non-profit programs in order to expand their reach throughout the country. More

  • Urban Garden as Sustainable Business in New Orleans

    Good ideas have a life of their own. That’s what Paul Baricos, Executive Director of the Hollygrove Growers Market and Farm (HGMF) in New Orleans is learning two years after the Carrolton-Hollygrove Community Development Center (CHCDC) set out to figure out how to bring fresh produce to a neighborhood with no real access to affordable food. More

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