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  • Poll shows jump in optimism on economic outlook: other results mixed

    The most recent poll measuring economic outlook among Americans shows about a 21% jump since the poll was last conducted. In October 2011, only 39% of Americans said they thought the economy was going to be better in a year than it is now. The most recent figure is 60%. The poll, conducted June 28-July […] More

  • Survey finds major growth in green jobs

    Major survey finds 508,000 clean economy jobs created in the Pacific Northwest. Experts believe that 1.03 million net new full-time equivalents can be created by continuing the clean economy path by 2020. The jobs include clean tech engineers, machinists, installers, and other “boots on the roof” jobs, energy auditors, organic agriculture specialists, local food manufacturers, […] More

  • Moving Markets

    Recently, I learned a great strategy for moving markets. Specifically, how to leverage consumer demand for greener goods to move large amounts of capital into the sustainable economy, and away from companies that are only profit driven and don’t mind externalizing their costs onto society. I’d like to share that strategy with you here, in […] More

  • Why Not Privatize Highways?

    Congress has apparently reached a bipartisan agreement on a transportation bill that includes $109 billion to support the nation’s roads, bridges, and railways. 1.9 million jobs hung in the balance, and the political bickering delayed the bill’s passage several months, but the real question is…why subsidize highways at all? If we were to sell off […] More

  • Supreme Court Overturns Montana Challenge to Citizens United

    The amount of money flowing into this year’s election has awed many an observer, this one included. With 3 men committed to raising $500,000,000 to defeat President Obama, it’s hard to see how this can accurately be called a democracy anymore. Citizens United is largely to blame. It was the Supreme Court case that allowed […] More

  • Grassroots Fundraising from Billionaires

    A closer look at Romney’s web advertising shows just how out of touch he is with the common man…or should I say, the common grassroots contributor. Does he really expect a $75,800 contribution from a person browsing the web? In an earlier column, I asked why on earth Mitt Romney would want to associate himself […] More

  • Is green the next big economic driver?

    Has the green economy failed us? The latest jobs report showed modest growth in the private sector with roughly 80,000 new jobs (the disappointment in the jobs report was partially due to the public sector shedding some 14,000 jobs last month). It’s not as fast a recovery as some would like, and the economy continues […] More

  • A path forward for island economies to break dependence on imported, processed foods

    Globalization has perhaps been most difficult for island economies. Despite limited land and other resources, island economies have been encouraged to produce export crops over subsistence goods, leaving the economies of island nations particularly vulnerable to supply chain disruptions. Hawai’i, in particular, is an interesting case study. Monsanto and other biotech firms have used Hawai’i […] More

  • Inspired Economist: Joseph Stiglitz

    Economists we respect. Joseph E. Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is the bestselling author of Globalization and its Discontents, Making Globalization Work, and, with Linda Bilmes, The Three Trillion Dollar War. Most recently, Stiglitz authored Freefall, a book about America, free markets, and the sinking of the world economy. Stiglitz is a […] More

  • How do we deal with single use plastics?

    We see them every day. Single-use plastics (forks, bags, cups, etc.) are the bane of the modern era. For something that is used for approximately 5 minutes, we have to drill for oil, ship it thousands of miles, process it into a product that will never biodegrade, ship it to an end user, and then […] More

  • Is it Trump’s millions that is attracting Romney?

    Presumptive Republican nominee for the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney, made some headlines this week for cozying up to Donald “You’re fired” Trump, or “the Donald” as some call him. Trump is perhaps the last holdout in the birther controversy. While even the most hardened anti-Obama-ites have conceded defeat on from their theory that President […] More

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