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  • Recycling Flip Flops From the Ocean Shores of Kenya

    The world’s oceans are vast, floating dumps for plastic pollution. Without a serious plan for cleaning up the world’s oceans, this situation is dire and becoming worse every day. With a goal of retrieving and recycling 400,000 flip flops a year from the coast of Kenya, one small start-up in Nairobi is making a big […] More

  • water drop

    Water Sustainability: How Do We Price Water?

    Solving our water woes in the face of extreme drought, an aging infrastructure, increasingly pressured water supplies, and a growing population, will require more than just asking people to cut back on their water consumption or to install water-efficient appliances. It might also require big changes in who pays for it, in the way we […] More

  • Art Of Endangered Animals Sparkles On World Animal Day

    Ecologists from Florence, Italy established a special day for animals on October 4, 1931. Now an internationally recognized event, World Animal Day celebrates animal life in a wide variety of ways. Coincidentally, October 4 is also the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the catholic patron saint of animals. World Animal Day is a […] More

  • Understanding The CBD Ecosystem Approach

    The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is an international convention for protecting the diversity of life on Earth. As opposed to treaties focusing on individual species or biomes, this international treaty encompasses biodiversity on a global scale. It focuses on establishing a global network of protected natural areas, for the purpose of protecting natural capital at […] More

  • Should We Put a Price on Nature to Save it?

    The first World Forum on Natural Capital was held in Edinburgh, Scotland last November. This comes at a time when there is increasing interest in the idea that we need to place a value on the services that nature provides us with for free if we are to prevent further environmental degradation. The conference attracted […] More

  • Iconic American Household Brands Contribute to Deforestation

    A scorecard grading the palm oil sourcing commitments of 30 top companies in the packaged food, fast food and personal care sectors shows 24 of these household brands have inadequate commitments or lack commitments altogether. Palm oil is used in thousands of products that Americans eat and use daily, like deodorants, ice cream and face […] More

  • Trinity Oaks Vineyards Plants 10 Million Trees

    Planning for the future of the planet should be just as much a part of a company’s strategy as their plans for the immediate future, and if more businesses adopted the method that one vineyard uses, our future could be much more leafy and green. Thanks to Trinity Oaks’ One Bottle One Tree® program in […] More

  • Five Easy Ways to Achieve Sustainability At Home

    Amongst all the other modern and pop culture trends of the 21st century, one fashion has emerged which is anything but a fad. The key concept? Sustainability. Originally confined to the domain of the left, sustainability has – in recent years – become a byword for ethical living for everyone from politicians and corporations to […] More

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