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  • EPA Allows Illegal Engines As Long As Feds Get Paid

    Diesel engines are a big deal in America. They are used to haul the food we eat and the goods we otherwise consume. The biggest challenge in the wide use of the diesel engine is that its emissions will often pose a problem for maintaining clean air. The good news is that advancements in technology […] More

  • Republicans Fail Basic Math

    No one’s saying that its never been better. No one’s saying that Obama waved a magic wand and made it all alright. No one’s saying that our economy has never been stronger, that we can all now relax and ease on into an era of unprecedented prosperity and comfort… But the republicans need a better […] More

  • Clean Energy Funding: Truth vs. Truthiness

    Former Governor and republican presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney knows how to rile up his base.  “Do you know how much money he (President Obama) invested in so-called green energy companies?” asked Romney of his carefully selected crowd of supporters at a campaign speech in New Hampshire. “Ninety billion. Ninety billion!” Oh, how could he?  How […] More

  • Love Letter to Banksters

    First, context:  Homo sapiens is an actively interdependent species of agents with responsibilities as collaborative participants in this web of life: all our destinies are intertwined.  There is, in any healthy community a social contract, and its acknowledgement is emerging more and more vocally from our society’s closets and into our front yard again.  Thank […] More

  • Offshore Banking: The Shadow Global Financial System Running Amok

    When people hear the term “offshore banking,” they might think of offshore banking and tax secrecy centers, such as Switzerland, Grand Cayman, Panama and the UK Channel Islands, where the world’s wealthiest, along with organized crime and developed and developing world despots, stash their wealth to shield it from the taxes and the prying eyes […] More

  • What do small businesses think of regulations?

    Besides taxes, the most frequently used franken-word in economics is likely regulations. The specter of increased regulations is often thrown around by polluting companies, their lobbyists, and the politicians they support in order to swing public opinion away from environmental and health protections. It works, but I think mainly because it’s a word that most […] More

  • Supreme Court Overturns Montana Challenge to Citizens United

    The amount of money flowing into this year’s election has awed many an observer, this one included. With 3 men committed to raising $500,000,000 to defeat President Obama, it’s hard to see how this can accurately be called a democracy anymore. Citizens United is largely to blame. It was the Supreme Court case that allowed […] More

  • For Appearance Sake: The BP Oil Spill Now

    BP would be happy if we put the Oil Spill out of our minds. Therefore they spend millions to assure that the public forgets the long term damage to wildlife. The message from BP is that most everything is back to normal, sponsoring ads to entice tourists back to Gulf, and funding university research on […] More

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